Zorg Metal Revival

Zorg Metal is Back!
Eye-ball illustration by Jonathan Wang, circa 2017

After hitting a creative wall over and over this last year, I’ve reached out to a good friend of the gallery, f.lee_art, to help me get my heavy metal underwear’ing heroes come back to life. We first chatted in September 2020 where I briefed her on the general idea and concept – round, potato-shaped comic characters who:

  1. Love Metal ✅
  2. Fart and piss a lot ✅
  3. And are super kawaii ✅

She started with a few rough sketches and poses that are more pliable; giving our heroes more flexibility in movement.

Line Art Variations - Zorg Metal
Line art variations and sketches by f.lee_art
More Zorg Metal Sketches
First rough concept sketches by f.lee_art

Concepts in Context

Next, I needed to come up with the contextual storyline that would be on-brand, relatable and relevant. The first go at it is iconic rock poses with a twist of tongue-in-cheek.

  1. Hendrix burning his guitar at Woodstock
  2. The cover of The Clash’s album “London Calling”
  3. Kurt Cobain smashing his Fender Stratocaster
  4. Pete Townshend’s iconic windmill

And more “brain dump”.

  1. Drummer drumming with buckets of sweat
  2. Bass player playing a bass fish with fishing rod
  3. Stoic serious very close up face
  4. Winnie the Pooh red shirt; no pants
  5. Old man Zorg wearing Fanny Pack
  6. Zorg with dreadlocks Korn style back to school with backpacks
  7. Zorg Metal with COVID-19 face mask
Guitar on Fire!
Concept Sketch by f.lee_art
Zorg Smash!
Concept Sketch by f.lee_art

We’re almost there!

Here’s a little preview of the final product – and just a couple samples. We’re going live on Black Friday, Friday, November 27, 2020 with new merch and art prints. In 2021, we’ll have MORE Zorg Metal than you can handle. Stay tuned!

Smash Guitar!

Fire extinguisher!

XXX-Files Round 2

I was just starting my sophomore year at Granada Hills High School when the X-Files debuted in 1993. All I remember is kids going shit-nuts over it – and I’m sure part of it was the week by week anticipation b/c we didn’t have DVRs or Netflix back-in-the-day; we did have VCRs but that doesn’t help gettin’ ur fix right quick. So, I guess Netflix just released the entire series for streams; just looked it up on Wiki and it was last April. Just noticed it like 2 weeks ago. 
Then like today, apparently I’m not privy to the latest news but now they’re gonna come out with a new season on FOX?! Whaaaaaaaa?! 


Does Dana Scully look different somehow? Or no? Eh…. Plastic surgery? No, right?

Regardless, I’m gonna watch it anyways cuz I love that crazy, demented bastard and the ginger bitch. 

I just finished S1, E6 ‘Shadows’ which is like the ‘Shadows’ from the comic ‘Amulet’ (If you know that refer eve, you’re a fucking dork like me). 

Let’s get crackalackin’ on S1, S7 ‘Ghost in the Machine’.

Brad: You’re killing my company!! 

Brad is some techie who founded this company and  he’s arguing with some other dude who’s the CEO who just announced he’s pulling the funding for R and D. Then, like, 5 seconds after the argument, and 6 seconds after Brad goes “I’ll kill you”, the CEO dude has a freak accident in the bathroom getting electrocuted by the sink water. Derrrrr. So they call Mulder and Scull-dog to solve the case! 

Fuck! Look at the laptop! Beep boop!  
Mulder: But your machine killed Drake.  

Today’s pairing is NOT WHISKY. It’s a Corona. 

And I regret that immediately and I’ll pause and pour myself a shot of Tin Cup American Whiskey from Colorado. And I don’t have any chips in the house currently. Fart.  

What? Orange? Black?

Now I’m just randomly hopping around on Netflix. You ever take longer trying to decide on what to watch than to actually watch anything at all? 

Fell back on the “Orange is the New Black” Randomly chose Season 3, Episode 5 for no particular reason. And right off the bat, Tastee and Pussy are babbling about mountains of pubes in the corners of the showers. Perfect, I’m on the right show.

Apparently, some corporation MCC is dumping money into Litchfield and the prison is getting a bunch of upgrades like bathroom stall doors and shit. But mostly, I have no clue what’s happening here. All the hynas in the kitchen are fighting. Then some fucking random flashback to Marisol’s POV pre-prison. OMG! What is going on in this fucking show! It’s so confusing!!!

And 12 minutes later, still no clue what’s going on. Mm, bout to start from Season 3, Episode 1 in a minute. Wasn’t like this show supposed to be about Piper?

Tonight’s confusing as fuck episode is paired with no chips and Nikka Coffee Grain Whisky on the rocks. 

What the ? happened to Beth?

Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 15 and 16 – Yeah, I’d be looking down Rosita’s shirt too Ginger. Haha, good line.

Okay. So more importantly, Glenn and his makeshift team (including the lesbian) find the zombie blood inked signs that say, “Glenn go to Terminus”. A glimpse of excitement in Glenn’s face.

Jacob from Sons of Anarchy leads a pack of rednecks; of which Daryl’s been assimilated. Boring. Gah. And Rick gets all vicious and bites “Jacob’s” neck. Zombie style. A bit of mirroring here with Rick “becoming” a zombie!

So Glenn, lesbian, hyna, ginger and autistic follow signs left by the Mags, Bob and hot skinny black girl. They split the group just in front of a pitch black tunnel with walkers growling. Kind of the worst time to split up.

After the last 3 God-awful boring episodes, finally this episode brings back all the characters for a happy reunion.

Still. Where’s Beth???!!!

Tonight’s binge includes a bag of Lays and Macallan on the rocks in an unbreakable Crate & Barrel scotch whisky tumbler. A story left for another day.