Eat.Sleep.Work., inc. filed as a California S-Corp in 2005; but has been known as just ‘WORK’ since 2003. Founded in the living room (then converted to an office space) in a 700 sq. ft. apartment in the West Carson, Calif. with my college buddy, Chimmy. And as ‘WORK’, we just made cool shit. We didn’t chase money or fame. It was just something super fun to do. We built crazy nonsensical Flash websites, set up bizarre photoshoots and designed propoganda posters that just pushed boundaries. It was raw and authentic.

And fast-forward 10-plus years, sure, we’re business-minded and concerned about keeping the company in the black. But I believe the culture of ‘making cool shit’ is still alive and well in the hearts of, not just myself, but of each person in the Eat.Sleep.Work. family. This year, we’re pushing hard with a new rebrand and fresh, crazy (and a little bizarre) content that’ll keep us raw and authentic to our craft for years to come.