Still…still more episodes?

Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 12 “Still” – yum! Rattlesnakes and squirrels for lunch! Daryl’s turning into a wild animal and Beth’s got a sudden burning desire to become a lush. 

22 min. into the episode, absolutely nothing has happened. Nothing. Is this episode STILL going on??? Hands down the most boring episode of this entire series. 

Is Daryl and Beth done crying like little bitches? Next episode please.


Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 10 – Beth is saying something, something, something. No clue.

Flashback to moments prior, the girl version of Norman Bates, her sister, baby Judith and sad, sap who’s got to play babysitter Tyreese are tracking the disbanded group. Estranged baby-faced grandma, Carol finds them. Tyreese is like “fuck these kids; changing diapers and shit”.

Then Glenn wakes up – still at the zombie infested prison – and decides to get the fuck out dressed as Batman.

Then I wasn’t paying attention until the hot skinny hyna wearing military gear shows up. Ay caramba!

Carl is da MAN!

The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 9 – big man on campus, Carl, steps up his game and searches for food while Rick’s all passed the fuck out. Despite having two close calls; Carl gets out alive, loses a shoe but WINS finding a big ass can of chocolate pudding; of which he eats like a cocky asshole on the roof.

Then the rest of the episode is super fucking boring. Oh, Michonne finds Rick and Carl.

Tonight’s Walking Dead pairing: Rold’s Gold Pretzels served in my kid’s fireman helmet.

Seinfeld – First Episode!

I don’t remember the first episode of Seinfeld; so it feels like I’m watching a show that I dreamt of and it’s nothing like reality.

The nice thing is the music is nearly unchanged from day one – bom bom bom bom bom bu bu bom bom.

And it was shocking to see George with SOME hair. His hair was def. on the way to a permanent vacation.

Seinfeld, Season 1, Episode 1: Jerry met a chick Laura after a show in Michigan. Some time later, she calls him up and tells him she’s visiting NYC, and she needs a place to stay, so he goes and picks her up at the airport and invites her to stay over…on a mattress borrowed from Kramer.

Jerry thinks she’s sleeping over to hook up, only to find out that she has a fiancé. Sad Jerry ☹️

Men are honking our horns to serve you better!

– Jerry Seinfeld

I gotta have a Lo Mein!

…he’s a public fornicator!

This episode starts in a scene in a video store; I kind of miss the idea of renting VHS tapes.

Anyways, its first revealed that Elaine and Jerry used to date. She invites Jerry to a dinner with friends, and he starts hitting on one of Elaine’s friends. He feels like Elaine is cock-blocking, AND she leaves with a dude that SEEMS to be her bf. And he didn’t get her name or digits!

…next scene: Jerry’s parents are in his apartment and his dad is DIFFERENT! So, his dad suggests Jerry go and stalk the chick. And he does it…of course with his wingman, George (who btw seems to have even LESS hair than Episode 1), who lies about his occupation….an architect. And for some random reason, they lie about having lunch with a friend, Art Vandelay.

George is the worst and best.

Captain Underpants Fan Fiction

Captain Underpants flew out the window and landed in the ocean. And then he flew out of the ocean. Then he went back to school. George and Harold poured water on his head. Then he turned back into…you know who. Captain Underpants doesn’t change back into Mr. Krupp unless it’s FRESH water poured on his head.

He went into his office. He didn’t do anything in his office except he played video games.

After playing video games, he jumped on the bed in his office…because Mr. Krupp lives at school.

Then someone snapped their fingers. It was George and Harold. Mr. Krupp was confused, then turned back into…you know who. Tra-la-laaa!

He flew away and then he flew back to school.

The End.

By Noah, Age 6

We’re sorry): 3rd grade-4th grade

Random Funny Screenshots Part 1

I’ve saved all of these screenshots since October 2016 on my desktop for some reason. Some are work-related, some funny that I thought would be worth saving.

ESW is cool
Goodbye old ESW logo
One of the funniest popups I’ve ever seen on a website
That time I compressed images using
When I bought this dope ass domain name for this dope ass website
When I took a screenshot of my crotch area from our ESW website
When ESW’s Lyuba Nova launched Legator’s new website and it got a score of 92
My Prodigy Math Login Info….go ahead and attempt 8th Grade Math!
? My face when I found out how much Nikka Whisky was….after I bought it for $50 US in the Osaka Kansai airport.
Drake Tears are SOLD out, sorry.
Eat.Sleep.Work. doesn’t fuck around.
That time when we bought the domain name: – now Google has voice activated recipes. We are such innovators!
When Noah got his hands on my computer and played around with Photoshop
When I was negotiating a purchase of a domain name for a client…they ended up spending $1000 for this domain.
When the Most Exclusive Website wasn’t so exclusive.
When I bought the domain name: WhineNot.Wine
While watching Central Intelligence with THE ROCK, I just HAD to know how tall Kevin Hart was. He’s 5’4″ BTW