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Seinfeld – First Episode!

I don’t remember the first episode of Seinfeld; so it feels like I’m watching a show that I dreamt of and it’s nothing like reality. The nice thing is the music is nearly unchanged from day one – bom bom bom bom bom bu bu bom bom. And it was shocking to see George with SOME hair. His hair was def. on the way to a permanent vacation. Seinfeld, Season 1, Episode 1: Jerry met a chick Laura after a show in Michigan. Some time later, she calls him up and tells him she’s visiting NYC, and she needs a place to stay, so he goes and picks her up at the airport and invites her to stay over…on a mattress borrowed from Kramer. Jerry thinks she’s sleeping over to hook up, only to find out that she has a fiancé. Sad Jerry ☹️ Men are honking our horns to serve you better! – Jerry Seinfeld […]

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I gotta have a Lo Mein!

…he’s a public fornicator! This episode starts in a scene in a video store; I kind of miss the idea of renting VHS tapes. Anyways, its first revealed that Elaine and Jerry used to date. She invites Jerry to a dinner with friends, and he starts hitting on one of Elaine’s friends. He feels like Elaine is cock-blocking, AND she leaves with a dude that SEEMS to be her bf. And he didn’t get her name or digits! …next scene: Jerry’s parents are in his apartment and his dad is DIFFERENT! So, his dad suggests Jerry go and stalk the chick. And he does it…of course with his wingman, George (who btw seems to have even LESS hair than Episode 1), who lies about his occupation….an architect. And for some random reason, they lie about having lunch with a friend, Art Vandelay. George is the worst and best. […]

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