Captain Underpants Fan Fiction

Captain Underpants flew out the window and landed in the ocean. And then he flew out of the ocean. Then he went back to school. George and Harold poured water on his head. Then he turned back into…you know who. Captain Underpants doesn’t change back into Mr. Krupp unless it’s FRESH water poured on his head.

He went into his office. He didn’t do anything in his office except he played video games.

After playing video games, he jumped on the bed in his office…because Mr. Krupp lives at school.

Then someone snapped their fingers. It was George and Harold. Mr. Krupp was confused, then turned back into…you know who. Tra-la-laaa!

He flew away and then he flew back to school.

The End.

By Noah, Age 6

We’re sorry): 3rd grade-4th grade

Random Funny Screenshots Part 1

I’ve saved all of these screenshots since October 2016 on my desktop for some reason. Some are work-related, some funny that I thought would be worth saving.

ESW is cool
Goodbye old ESW logo
One of the funniest popups I’ve ever seen on a website
That time I compressed images using
When I bought this dope ass domain name for this dope ass website
When I took a screenshot of my crotch area from our ESW website
When ESW’s Lyuba Nova launched Legator’s new website and it got a score of 92
My Prodigy Math Login Info….go ahead and attempt 8th Grade Math!
? My face when I found out how much Nikka Whisky was….after I bought it for $50 US in the Osaka Kansai airport.
Drake Tears are SOLD out, sorry.
Eat.Sleep.Work. doesn’t fuck around.
That time when we bought the domain name: – now Google has voice activated recipes. We are such innovators!
When Noah got his hands on my computer and played around with Photoshop
When I was negotiating a purchase of a domain name for a client…they ended up spending $1000 for this domain.
When the Most Exclusive Website wasn’t so exclusive.
When I bought the domain name: WhineNot.Wine
While watching Central Intelligence with THE ROCK, I just HAD to know how tall Kevin Hart was. He’s 5’4″ BTW

My Profile

First, my blood pressure is off-the-charts from playing too much Clash Royale (just like my other almost-40 year old friends). Plus, I’m not even doing that well!

Check out this cool website, ? It summarizes all your Clash Royale statistics. I have about a 50/50 wins to losses ratio; to be real real, I have more losses than wins ?. I’m at 2415 trophies and hope I can achieve a stretch goal of 3000 by the end of the summer.

Let’s see how my 9 year old is doing, here’s his stat below:

Hidden Side of Stephen and Stephen

I’ve been an avid fan ? of the Freakonomics books and podcast for many years now. And when I’m extremely interested in something, I rarely research the background of the authors, including bands for music ?, writers for tv/movies ?, etc. I tend to find my opinion skewed when I see them in the pop culture, the red carpet or what if they’re on the evening news involved in a Ponzi scheme.

Stephen Levitt? Stephen Dubner?

In the case of Freakonomics, I really enjoy it. A lot. Any chance I’m in the car, I listen to the podcast and most recently, I’ve been hooked on “tell me something I don’t know”. I love Freakonomics so much I don’t want to know anything about Stephen and Stephen. I don’t want to know what they look like. I don’t want to know if they have kids or are married. I don’t want to know if they like ice cream or if one of them is a vegetarian.

But when I purchased their book Super Freakonomics, I did see a picture of their faces…darn.

During my drive from Tucson to Los Angeles yesterday, I had the opportunity to listen to a ton of podcasts! Then I realized in a live audience recording of tmsidk, I wanted to quickly and as safely as possible ‘google’ one of the judges feature on the show.

Stephen Dubner? Stephen Levitt?

And to my surprise, I spot Stephen Dubner, the gracious host, is not the Stephen I imagined in my head all these years listening to the podcasts. All this time, I imagined the face of Stephen Levitt as the host of the Freakonomic podcasts. And each time Levitt happened to be on the show, I thought the vice versa!

Freakonomics: the hidden side of literally everything!


I had a return I needed to make at The Home Depot so I headed over after I picked up the kids from school. As we got out of the car at Home Depot, my daughter asked, “What does THD stand for?”

I said, “Hmm, I don’t know. Maybe ‘The Hungry Dog’?”

She said, “No, it’s The Home Depot”.


Watermelon Store

So…I’m driving my kids to karate and my daughter looks out of the window, sees a strip mall with the sign “Watermart”, but she thought it  said “Watermelon”. She’s like “They have a watermelon store?! They must sell big watermelons, small ones, and yellow ones!”. Then my son chimes in and says “They probably sell watermelon dolls and a watermelon shaped car!”

I said “It says Water Mart”.