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Captain Underpants Fan Fiction

Captain Underpants flew out the window and landed in the ocean. And then he flew out of the ocean. Then he went back to school. George and Harold poured water on his head. Then he turned back into…you know who. Captain Underpants doesn’t change back into Mr. Krupp unless it’s FRESH water poured on his head. He went into his office. He didn’t […]

My Profile

First, my blood pressure is off-the-charts from playing too much Clash Royale (just like my other almost-40 year old friends). Plus, I’m not even doing that well! Check out this cool website, ? It summarizes all your Clash Royale statistics. I have about a 50/50 wins to losses ratio; to be real real, I […]

Hidden Side of Stephen and Stephen

I’ve been an avid fan ? of the Freakonomics books and podcast for many years now. And when I’m extremely interested in something, I rarely research the background of the authors, including bands for music ?, writers for tv/movies ?, etc. I tend to find my opinion skewed when I see them in the pop […]


I had a return I needed to make at The Home Depot so I headed over after I picked up the kids from school. As we got out of the car at Home Depot, my daughter asked, “What does THD stand for?” I said, “Hmm, I don’t know. Maybe ‘The Hungry Dog’?” She said, “No, […]

Watermelon Store

So…I’m driving my kids to karate and my daughter looks out of the window, sees a strip mall with the sign “Watermart”, but she thought it  said “Watermelon”. She’s like “They have a watermelon store?! They must sell big watermelons, small ones, and yellow ones!”. Then my son chimes in and says “They probably sell watermelon dolls and a […]