Captain Underpants Fan Fiction

Captain Underpants flew out the window and landed in the ocean. And then he flew out of the ocean. Then he went back to school. George and Harold poured water on his head. Then he turned back into…you know who. Captain Underpants doesn’t change back into Mr. Krupp unless it’s FRESH water poured on his head.

He went into his office. He didn’t do anything in his office except he played video games.

After playing video games, he jumped on the bed in his office…because Mr. Krupp lives at school.

Then someone snapped their fingers. It was George and Harold. Mr. Krupp was confused, then turned back into…you know who. Tra-la-laaa!

He flew away and then he flew back to school.

The End.

By Noah, Age 6

We’re sorry): 3rd grade-4th grade

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