Hidden Side of Stephen and Stephen

I’ve been an avid fan ? of the Freakonomics books and podcast for many years now. And when I’m extremely interested in something, I rarely research the background of the authors, including bands for music ?, writers for tv/movies ?, etc. I tend to find my opinion skewed when I see them in the pop culture, the red carpet or what if they’re on the evening news involved in a Ponzi scheme.

Stephen Levitt? Stephen Dubner?

In the case of Freakonomics, I really enjoy it. A lot. Any chance I’m in the car, I listen to the podcast and most recently, I’ve been hooked on “tell me something I don’t know”. I love Freakonomics so much I don’t want to know anything about Stephen and Stephen. I don’t want to know what they look like. I don’t want to know if they have kids or are married. I don’t want to know if they like ice cream or if one of them is a vegetarian.

But when I purchased their book Super Freakonomics, I did see a picture of their faces…darn.

During my drive from Tucson to Los Angeles yesterday, I had the opportunity to listen to a ton of podcasts! Then I realized in a live audience recording of tmsidk, I wanted to quickly and as safely as possible ‘google’ one of the judges feature on the show.

Stephen Dubner? Stephen Levitt?

And to my surprise, I spot Stephen Dubner, the gracious host, is not the Stephen I imagined in my head all these years listening to the podcasts. All this time, I imagined the face of Stephen Levitt as the host of the Freakonomic podcasts. And each time Levitt happened to be on the show, I thought the vice versa!

Freakonomics: the hidden side of literally everything!

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