Random Funny Screenshots Part 1

I’ve saved all of these screenshots since October 2016 on my desktop for some reason. Some are work-related, some funny that I thought would be worth saving.

ESW is cool
Goodbye old ESW logo
One of the funniest popups I’ve ever seen on a website
That time I compressed images using TinyPNG.com
When I bought this dope ass domain name for this dope ass website
When I took a screenshot of my crotch area from our ESW website
When ESW’s Lyuba Nova launched Legator’s new website and it got a score of 92
My Prodigy Math Login Info….go ahead and attempt 8th Grade Math!
😮 My face when I found out how much Nikka Whisky was….after I bought it for $50 US in the Osaka Kansai airport.
Drake Tears are SOLD out, sorry.
Eat.Sleep.Work. doesn’t fuck around.
That time when we bought the domain name: snacka.recipes – now Google has voice activated recipes. We are such innovators!
When Noah got his hands on my computer and played around with Photoshop
When I was negotiating a purchase of a domain name for a client…they ended up spending $1000 for this domain.
When the Most Exclusive Website wasn’t so exclusive.
When I bought the domain name: WhineNot.Wine
While watching Central Intelligence with THE ROCK, I just HAD to know how tall Kevin Hart was. He’s 5’4″ BTW

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