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First Day of Summer

For the first day of summer ☀️?, the kids and I headed over to my best buddy’s apartment complex to ?? and just hang out. My kid refers to his kid as “cousin” so I guess we’re close enough to be brothers ??. We played video games (mostly Clash Royale), fed his turtles ?, played ping pong ? and billiards ? and ended the day with making yummy ? s’mores! […]

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Pool Day Part 💩

The kids and I headed back to my buddy’s apartment to swim 🏊🏻 again, this time we fired up the BBQ 🔥 grill and made some 🍔 🍔 🍔 🍔. We had a pretty long day of playing Marco Polo, hording water 🎈s and relaxing in the hot tub. A good day outside with minimal video game activities! Visit Noah’s journal at xn--dj8hfu.ws […]

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