What the ? happened to Beth?

Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 15 and 16 – Yeah, I’d be looking down Rosita’s shirt too Ginger. Haha, good line.

Okay. So more importantly, Glenn and his makeshift team (including the lesbian) find the zombie blood inked signs that say, “Glenn go to Terminus”. A glimpse of excitement in Glenn’s face.

Jacob from Sons of Anarchy leads a pack of rednecks; of which Daryl’s been assimilated. Boring. Gah. And Rick gets all vicious and bites “Jacob’s” neck. Zombie style. A bit of mirroring here with Rick “becoming” a zombie!

So Glenn, lesbian, hyna, ginger and autistic follow signs left by the Mags, Bob and hot skinny black girl. They split the group just in front of a pitch black tunnel with walkers growling. Kind of the worst time to split up.

After the last 3 God-awful boring episodes, finally this episode brings back all the characters for a happy reunion.

Still. Where’s Beth???!!!

Tonight’s binge includes a bag of Lays and Macallan on the rocks in an unbreakable Crate & Barrel scotch whisky tumbler. A story left for another day.

Still…still more episodes?

Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 12 “Still” – yum! Rattlesnakes and squirrels for lunch! Daryl’s turning into a wild animal and Beth’s got a sudden burning desire to become a lush. 

22 min. into the episode, absolutely nothing has happened. Nothing. Is this episode STILL going on??? Hands down the most boring episode of this entire series. 

Is Daryl and Beth done crying like little bitches? Next episode please.


Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 10 – Beth is saying something, something, something. No clue.

Flashback to moments prior, the girl version of Norman Bates, her sister, baby Judith and sad, sap who’s got to play babysitter Tyreese are tracking the disbanded group. Estranged baby-faced grandma, Carol finds them. Tyreese is like “fuck these kids; changing diapers and shit”.

Then Glenn wakes up – still at the zombie infested prison – and decides to get the fuck out dressed as Batman.

Then I wasn’t paying attention until the hot skinny hyna wearing military gear shows up. Ay caramba!

Carl is da MAN!

The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 9 – big man on campus, Carl, steps up his game and searches for food while Rick’s all passed the fuck out. Despite having two close calls; Carl gets out alive, loses a shoe but WINS finding a big ass can of chocolate pudding; of which he eats like a cocky asshole on the roof.

Then the rest of the episode is super fucking boring. Oh, Michonne finds Rick and Carl.

Tonight’s Walking Dead pairing: Rold’s Gold Pretzels served in my kid’s fireman helmet.

Whoa Dot Dot Dot

Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 14 – Uh. Did Lizzie just kill her sister? Oh fucking snap! And Tyreese is like…


So babyface grandma, Carol, takes Lizzie the female version of Norman Bates into the woods and shoots her in the head while creepily saying over and over “Just look at the flowers Lizzie, look at the flowers”.


…and I’m still like: What the FUCK happened to Beth??!!

The Governor’s Dead!

Last night on The Walking Dead’s Season 4, Episode 8, the governor’s finally dunzo by the hand, or sword, of Nubian princess, Michonne. Thank God; because if I had one more look at that d-bag, I’d just stop watching this show completely.

Don’t look back Carl. Keep walking.

Keep walking cuz that d-bag Philip Blake aka Brian aka Governor aka cyclops blew up your home (prison) with a goddamn tank!

Next episode is “After”, Season 4, Episode 9 paired with a single 12 year Glenlivet on the rocks.