What the ? happened to Beth?

Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 15 and 16 – Yeah, I’d be looking down Rosita’s shirt too Ginger. Haha, good line.

Okay. So more importantly, Glenn and his makeshift team (including the lesbian) find the zombie blood inked signs that say, “Glenn go to Terminus”. A glimpse of excitement in Glenn’s face.

Jacob from Sons of Anarchy leads a pack of rednecks; of which Daryl’s been assimilated. Boring. Gah. And Rick gets all vicious and bites “Jacob’s” neck. Zombie style. A bit of mirroring here with Rick “becoming” a zombie!

So Glenn, lesbian, hyna, ginger and autistic follow signs left by the Mags, Bob and hot skinny black girl. They split the group just in front of a pitch black tunnel with walkers growling. Kind of the worst time to split up.

After the last 3 God-awful boring episodes, finally this episode brings back all the characters for a happy reunion.

Still. Where’s Beth???!!!

Tonight’s binge includes a bag of Lays and Macallan on the rocks in an unbreakable Crate & Barrel scotch whisky tumbler. A story left for another day.

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