XXX-Files Round 2

I was just starting my sophomore year at Granada Hills High School when the X-Files debuted in 1993. All I remember is kids going shit-nuts over it – and I’m sure part of it was the week by week anticipation b/c we didn’t have DVRs or Netflix back-in-the-day; we did have VCRs but that doesn’t help gettin’ ur fix right quick. So, I guess Netflix just released the entire series for streams; just looked it up on Wiki and it was last April. Just noticed it like 2 weeks ago. 
Then like today, apparently I’m not privy to the latest news but now they’re gonna come out with a new season on FOX?! Whaaaaaaaa?! 


Does Dana Scully look different somehow? Or no? Eh…. Plastic surgery? No, right?

Regardless, I’m gonna watch it anyways cuz I love that crazy, demented bastard and the ginger bitch. 

I just finished S1, E6 ‘Shadows’ which is like the ‘Shadows’ from the comic ‘Amulet’ (If you know that refer eve, you’re a fucking dork like me). 

Let’s get crackalackin’ on S1, S7 ‘Ghost in the Machine’.

Brad: You’re killing my company!! 

Brad is some techie who founded this company and  he’s arguing with some other dude who’s the CEO who just announced he’s pulling the funding for R and D. Then, like, 5 seconds after the argument, and 6 seconds after Brad goes “I’ll kill you”, the CEO dude has a freak accident in the bathroom getting electrocuted by the sink water. Derrrrr. So they call Mulder and Scull-dog to solve the case! 

Fuck! Look at the laptop! Beep boop!  
Mulder: But your machine killed Drake.  

Today’s pairing is NOT WHISKY. It’s a Corona. 

And I regret that immediately and I’ll pause and pour myself a shot of Tin Cup American Whiskey from Colorado. And I don’t have any chips in the house currently. Fart.