Zorg Metal Revival

Awkward Closeup
Zorg Metal is Back!
Eye-ball illustration by Jonathan Wang, circa 2017

After hitting a creative wall over and over this last year, I’ve reached out to a good friend of the gallery, f.lee_art, to help me get my heavy metal underwear’ing heroes come back to life. We first chatted in September 2020 where I briefed her on the general idea and concept – round, potato-shaped comic characters who:

  1. Love Metal ✅
  2. Fart and piss a lot ✅
  3. And are super kawaii ✅

She started with a few rough sketches and poses that are more pliable; giving our heroes more flexibility in movement.

Line Art Variations - Zorg Metal
Line art variations and sketches by f.lee_art
More Zorg Metal Sketches
First rough concept sketches by f.lee_art

Concepts in Context

Next, I needed to come up with the contextual storyline that would be on-brand, relatable and relevant. The first go at it is iconic rock poses with a twist of tongue-in-cheek.

  1. Hendrix burning his guitar at Woodstock
  2. The cover of The Clash’s album “London Calling”
  3. Kurt Cobain smashing his Fender Stratocaster
  4. Pete Townshend’s iconic windmill

And more “brain dump”.

  1. Drummer drumming with buckets of sweat
  2. Bass player playing a bass fish with fishing rod
  3. Stoic serious very close up face
  4. Winnie the Pooh red shirt; no pants
  5. Old man Zorg wearing Fanny Pack
  6. Zorg with dreadlocks Korn style back to school with backpacks
  7. Zorg Metal with COVID-19 face mask
Guitar on Fire!
Concept Sketch by f.lee_art
Zorg Smash!
Concept Sketch by f.lee_art

We’re almost there!

Here’s a little preview of the final product – and just a couple samples. We’re going live on Black Friday, Friday, November 27, 2020 with new merch and art prints. In 2021, we’ll have MORE Zorg Metal than you can handle. Stay tuned!

Smash Guitar!

Fire extinguisher!

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